Previous Rectors

Below you can find a list of the previous rectors of list of St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey.

 1482 Walter Newton
Date Name
1291 John de Ecclesia
1299 John Augustin de London, John de Albini
1315 Simon de Lausell, Hugh de Babington
1323 William de Montesfunte
1323 Nicholas de Ficton
1324 Robert Belde
1329 Walter Wheston de Stratford
1338-9 John Fitz-Adam Cissoris
1340 Peter – John Lorkin
1381 Robert Tolthorpe
1383 Thomas Thokes
1394 Thomas Fort
1400 Thomas Goche
1400 John Preston
1406 Henry Dyryk, Walter Euston alias Boydon
1448-9 Robert Burton
1459 John Andever
1480-1 William London
1482 Robert Warying
1484-5 Robert Warde, John Best
1502 Richard Wyllys
1523 John Fayrwall
1537 Thomas Collys
1537 Thomas Ippeswell
1543 Richard Gele or Gyle
1553-4 John Lewis or Ledwys, Alexander Inglish
1571 John Baron, William Stanninought
1581-2 John Ryder, William Stere
1604-5 Edward Elton
1624 Thomas Paske (see below)
Jeremiah Whitaker (from 1644? see below)
William Whitaker – see below
1654 Richard Parr (see below)
1682 Alexander Forbes
1696 Stephen Heath
1723 William Tasswell (see below)
1741 John Paget (see below)
1744-5 Peter Pinnel
1777 Thomas Hambly
1802 Henry Cox Mason
1804 Charles Hughes
1812 William Peyler
1814 Andrew Kersteman
1827 John Edgar Gibson
1859 William Duncan Long
1865 Lewin Tugwell
1879 Charles d’Aguilar Lawrence
1890 Gerrard Duke Wyatt
1896 Henry Lewis
1914 Frank Hay Gillingham
1923 Arthur Sinker
1937 Sidney John Delight
1939 Leslie Gravatt Fisher
1947 Albert James Adams
1956 Geoffrey Thomas Gray
1959 Frank Seymour Skelton – a former night
fighter nagivator (DSO, DFC) in WWII
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1969 Mervyn Raynold Alwyn Wilson
1978 Timothy G A Wooderson
1993 Jolyon A Bradshaw
2002 Charles D Moore



William Tasswell (1723) may also be spelt William Taswell.

According to“William Browning, a fellmonger, purchases a limited advowson of the Rectory, and presents William Taswell, D.D., who occupies, perhaps as (what is vulgarly called) a warming-pan, from 1723 to 1726-7, and then resigns. The son of the patron-purchaser, the Reverend W. Browning, M.A., is now presented, and continues to be the minister until his death, 1740. Mr. Browning appears to think that he has not as yet had money’s worth, and so he presents John Paget, M.A.; a lawsuit ensues, and as Mr. Browning has exceeded his time, his nominee, or clerk, as he is called, is in due course ejected.  For more on William Browning see the memorials page.

Thomas Paske, the Whitakers and Richard Parr

WikiSource,_Jeremiah_(DNB00) says that Jeremiah Whitaker succeeded Thomas Paske in 1644; he served until his death on  1 June 1654, and was buried in the chancel.  The same source,_William_(1629-1672)_(DNB00) says that William Whitaker (son of Jeremiah Whitaker) succeeded his father as rector in 1654, which is at odds with Richard Parr (above).  Possibly this confusion came about because 1654 was the year that Richard Parr became vicar of nearby Camberwell.

The same link as above says that “The circumstances of the succeeding incumbency are not clear. We are told, on the one hand, that William Whitaker, the son of Jeremiah, was appointed to succeed his father in 1654 ; on the other, that the Rev. Dr. Parr, chaplain to Archbishop Usher, received the vacant benefice.  Mr. Phillips [see below], in his list of the Rectors of Bermondsey, does not include William Whitaker, but represents Dr. Parr as filling the office from 1654 till his resignation in 1682. He does, however, say elsewhere that William Whitaker was ejected at the Restoration.

Dr. Rendle’s account of this divine is as follows: “William, called in 1654 to succeed his father as Rector of Bermondsey, was a minister indeed ; skilled in languages – Greek, Latin, and Oriental; fit to be a tutor at his college, i.e., Emmanuel, at Cambridge; a peacemaker, whose pride it was to settle disputes, and leave no rancour behind; just the man, making a conscience of his work, to be ejected. So in 1662 he was no longer Rector of Bermondsey.”

However, gives some interesting and conflicting details of Thomas Paske and his successors: “In 1624 the patronage was exercised by Samuel Paske, citizen and merchant tailor of London, probably for one turn. He appointed Thomas Paske, D.D., master of Clare College, Cambridge.  In 1642 the churchwardens and parishioners petitioned the House of Lords because this Thomas, their rector, had not preached even once a year and had otherwise done nothing to provide preaching or reading in the church or to supply a dwelling for a curate. The expense of such arrangements had fallen on the petitioners. They had lately bought the next presentation to the living and they prayed for a confirmation of their elect.  In the following year a draft order of the House directed the sequestration of Dr. Paske, a non-resident minister and a teacher of heretical doctrines, in order that the parishioners might maintain their own minister. Paske, whose Arminian opinions were as obnoxious as his negligence, was ejected accordingly in this year, and the parishioners appointed in his stead Jeremiah Whitaker, an eminent Orientalist, member of the Westminster Assembly, who held the benefice until his death in 1654 and was buried in the chancel of the church. He was succeeded by another distinguished theologian, Dr. Richard Parr, who resigned the living in 1682.

This is a link to an on-line copy of “The history and antiquities of the parish of Bermondsey” By G. W. Phillips, 1841, referred to above.

It would seem that William Whitaker succeeded his father as rector in 1654 and remained in post until 1662, being then succeeded by Richard Parr.  If you can confirm the exact situation here, or add details of any other rector of this parish, please contact the webmaster.