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Robes at St Marys

01 Jan 2021

We are taking part again this year in the Robes project that supports homeless people during the winter months on behalf of Southwark Diocese. Given the pandemic Robes will take place differently this year. The Robes guests will be housed in a hotel in North Peckham and provided their own rooms and breakfast/dinner. However the Robes project has asked churches to provide ‘care packages’ for the guests to supplement their food and provide a few extra items.

St Mary’s has been asked to provide packages to be delivered on Friday 15 January. The items we need include:

1. Dried fruits x 1
2. Biscuits (nut free) x 1
3. Granola bars x 1
4. Chocolate bars x 1
5. Crisps x 1
1. Lifelong semi skinned milk x 1
2. Fruit Juice
Fresh Fruit
1. Apple, orange or banana x1


Additionally we are aiming to provide the following non-essential items:

1. Books
2. Playing cards
3. Magazines
4. Note pad with pen and/or pencil
5. Crosswords with pen and/or pencil
6. Jigsaw
7. Colouring book


If you are able to contribute any of these items please bring them to church on Sunday 10 January.

For more information, contact Gretchen – contact email address:  Contact phone number: 07747788144