At St Mary’s we are keen to support couples who are planning to get married.

We believe a wedding is a very exciting, special celebration but also an important moment of making a public commitment before God, friends and family to one another for life! If you are thinking you would like to get married at St Mary’s please contact the Rector, Charlie Moore for a chat or come along to the Church on a Sunday.

For those hoping to get married at St Mary’s please be aware that it is normal Anglican practice for one or other of the couple to have a connection to the church. This would mean one of the following :

  • being regular members of the church
  • living within the parish
  • having a strong family link to the church.

Similarly, we would like to encourage you to contact the Rector, Charlie to discuss wedding plans/ dates before booking a reception venue to avoid any disappointment.

If either one of the couple holds a non-British passport the formalities can be complicated and take quite some time. Please ensure that you get in touch with the Rector to discuss wedding plans, in good time. We encourage all couples to do Marriage Preparation with the Rector.