Baptism & thanksgiving

Baptism is available for those who regularly attend St Mary’s or those who live within the parish.

Usually a baptism takes place as part of Sunday morning service. At the baptism of a child (sometimes known as a christening) parents promise to raise their child to know that God loves them and make the decision to help them follow Jesus as members of the church.

If you would like to consider baptism you are warmly invited to attend our Sunday Services and make an arrangement to have a chat with the Rector.

Some people do not feel comfortable about making the promises in the Baptism service or feel unsure about infant baptism and for them a Thanksgiving may be more suitable. A Thanksgiving Service offers the chance for parents, friends and family to come together to celebrate, name and give thanks for a child without the promises and commitment of Baptism. In the service we ask God to bless your child.

If you choose to have a Thanksgiving service, it is still possible to have a Baptism service for your child at a later date.